ICFTB-Behind the Scenes

I just wanted to share some behind the scenes, work-in-progress shots of my illustrations for a creepy poem I wrote.

I am challenging myself to create 31 separate illustrations for the 31 separate stanzas of the poem and then posting one a day during the month of October.

Monster illustration ink and watercolor by mrkessell
Monster reptile pencil sketch by mrkessell Inked monster reptile illustration by Michael KessellMonster illustrations inked work in progress by Mike Kessell
I hope to share more as the month goes along. Happy Halloween!



It Came From The Basement -Day One

It Came From The Basement – Day One. I’ve given myself a challenge this October to illustrate a creepy poem that I wrote. I haven’t celebrated Halloween too much over the last few years, so I hope this will make up for it and spread some Halloween spirit.


Finding Cthulhu 


I can’t say for certain what led me to that desolate graveyard, but I believe it all started when I stumbled upon that mysterious box and the accursed relic hidden within.
I had been summoned to settle the estate of my late Uncle Thaddeus. He had toiled in the art history department at Miskatonic University for years until his bizarre and highly publicized death last year, as you may recall.
While navigating the labyrinth of his antiquarian abode, I was drawn to a peculiar wooden box. The squamous, bronze figure housed within gave me a chill and left me gibbering like a madman.
Something compelled me to abscond with it immediately. If I walked for hours or days, I could not tell. But in the end, that strange energy led me into an old graveyard, to a very specific headstone, beneath an imposing, cyclopean obelisk.
There I found myriad offerings left by the hands of other pilgrims. Who, I imagined, burning with the same fever, traveling for days or weeks, suffering from the same delirium as I, whispered the words, “Cthulhu fhtagn.”