It Came From The Basement!-Day 28 of 31

Monster left the candy corn ink drawing


ICFTB-Behind the Scenes

I just wanted to share some behind the scenes, work-in-progress shots of my illustrations for a creepy poem I wrote.

I am challenging myself to create 31 separate illustrations for the 31 separate stanzas of the poem and then posting one a day during the month of October.

Monster illustration ink and watercolor by mrkessell
Monster reptile pencil sketch by mrkessell Inked monster reptile illustration by Michael KessellMonster illustrations inked work in progress by Mike Kessell
I hope to share more as the month goes along. Happy Halloween!

Nevermore, Joker

Batman and Joker in an Edgar Allen Poe style setting ink illustration by mr kessell
Forgive me if you’ve seen this already, I’m just rearranging some things and cleaning out the closets. Above is a pen and ink piece I made a couple years ago for a Free Comic Book Day event.

I was beating my brains trying to come up with something comics-related that I could offer as a print, and somehow I managed to mash together two of my favorite things.

See more of my work here.